Who is The Best Cheap ASP.NET 5 Hosting Provider in UK?

Best Cheap ASP.NET Hosting | Microsoft’s ASP.NET is the best development language in Windows platform and widely used to build all types of dynamic Web sites and XML Web services. It is one of the most successful web technologies till this date. It has matured over the years with the latest version, ASP.NET 5, having a number of new features and enhancements. ASP.NET 5 is a lean .NET stack for building modern web apps. It consists of modular components with minimal overhead, so you retain flexibility while constructing your solutions. You may already have heard that ASP.NET 5 hosting is offered by several web hosting providers in UK. However, choosing the best cheap ASP.NET 5 hosting in UK has a few challenges. So, if you need best cheap ASP.NET 5 hosting in UK, here we’d like to recommend you the following hosting provider.

Best Cheap ASP.NET 5 Hosting in UK

More About ASP.NET 5

ASP.Net 5 is an open source, cross-platform and lean framework that promotes faster development and enables you to build applications for the Web and cloud. ASP.Net 5 has been re-designed altogether to provide you a web application development platform with better performance, full side-by-side support, and cross platform support for Linux and Mac. Here is the list of the bigger features in this ASP.NET 5 release:

  • New light-weight and modular HTTP request pipeline
  • Ability to host on IIS or self-host in your own process
  • Built on .NET Core, which supports true side-by-side app versioning
  • Ships entirely as NuGet packages
  • Integrated support for creating and using NuGet packages
  • Single aligned web stack for Web UI and Web APIs
  • Cloud-ready environment-based configuration
  • Built-in support for dependency injection
  • New tooling that simplifies modern web development
  • Build and run cross-platform ASP.NET apps on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Open source and community focused

Best Cheap ASP.NET 5 Hosting Consideration

Compared with another hosting platform, there are very few good ASP.NET 5 hosting in UK. Most of web hosts could only provide very basic ASP.NET hosting solution, which is either lack of key features like IIS full trust level, or the version of Microsoft technology are out of date. So, to help people find the best cheap ASP.NET 5 hosting in UK at an affordable price, we take below factors into consideration:

  • Microsoft Golden Partner
  • Full Trust Level in IIS
  • 3+ Years in offering ASP.NET Hosting
  • Good reputation in industry
  • Latest versions of Windows Server
  • Support MSSQL 2012/2014 as database
  • Support ASP.NET MVC 6
  • Offer ASP.NET friendly custom support
  • Comes with affordable price
  • Data center is located in Europe especially in UK

Who is The Best Cheap ASP.NET 5 Hosting in UK?

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HostForLIFE.eu is a web hosting provider known for its professional ASP.NET hosting plans ranging from shared web hosting to dedicated server hosting that can meet the demands of nearly all-sized businesses. Over the past 8 years since its reception, HostForLIFE.eu has gained respect from both the developer and business communities. You won’t go wrong with their best cheap ASP.NET 5 hosting service that they have been fully tested by so many ASP.NET developers.

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Why We Choose HostForLIFE.eu as The Best Cheap ASP.NET 5 Hosting in UK?

High Performance Hosting

HostForLIFE.eu’s ASP.NET 5 hosting environment is also great, coming with global data center and high-end servers, managed by technicians 24 hours a day. Their servers are located in the nine prestigious cities across the globe, namely: Amsterdam (Netherlands), London (UK), Washington, D.C. (US), Paris (France), Frankfurt (Germany), Chennai (India), Milan (Italy), Toronto (Canada) and São Paulo (Brazil) Data Center. Additionally, what HostForLIFE.eu employ to store customer’s data are all Dell servers. It has higher performance for hosting: faster operation speed, maximum stability and privacy protection. What’s more, automated backup, safety locks as well as 24/7 real human monitoring secure sites all the time. HostForLIFE.eu is reliable by their scalable network, servers and high technology.

Low Pricing Hosting

Among the best cheap ASP.NET 5 hosting in UK, HostForLIFE.eu hosting solution is much cheaper than other competitor's ones. Customers just need to pay from €3.00/month to enjoy their best cheap ASP.NET 5 hosting with unlimited domain, unlimited bandwidth and disk spaces. For another three plans, the reguler prices are €5.50/month, €8.00/month and €11.00/month. In addition, another good aspect to go with HostForLIFE.eu is 30-days money back guarantee there. When people cancel their accounts within that period, they will absolutely take their money full back.

Rich-Featured Hosting

The reason for us to choose HostForLIFE.eu web solutions as the best cheap ASP.NET 5 hosting in UK is the company always offers much more powerful and rich-featured web hosting to clients at affordable prices. Here are some of stunning features that are offered by HostForLIFE.eu's ASP.NET 5 hosting package:

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Other Supported Features from HostForLIFE.eu:

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Great Technical Support

A good web host must be going with excellent after-sale service, and that is exactly what HostForLIFE.eu is working on. So, use-friendly support is essential while HostForLIFE.eu has e-mail and ticket support for customers whenever they come up with questions. What’s more, you can easily call the technical support of the web host and ask some technical questions about ASP.NET website configuration and deployment. This is certainly important especially when you have a problem in the future. Their customer technicians are well-trained for solving ASP.NET 5 hosting questions efficiently and patiently. Beyond that, online knowledgebase with search functionality and category is easy to use to find solutions. These support resources are informative and frequently up to dated as well.

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