Here is The Best Cheap ASP.NET Hosting Provider in India

Best Cheap ASP.NET Hosting Provider in India | If your particular blog was made for India target audience, you should decided to host your blog with an Indian hosting provider. This statement comes because a blog with Indian IP will help you rank higher in India. If you use ASP.NET framework to build your blog or website, finding the best cheap ASP.NET hosting provider in India is crucial for your web application. Your ASP.NET website can only run smooth if it will be hosted on a server which has a higher up time and plenty of computing resources available. There’re thousands of web hosting providers which offer ASP.NET hosting in India, but choosing the best cheap ASP.NET hosting provider in India is a time consuming task. After we’ve reviewed about 30+ ASP.NET hosting provider in India based on their price, performance, features and service, we’ve conclude that has won the award as the best cheap ASP.NET hosting provider in India.

Best Cheap ASP.NET Hosting Provider in India

Why is the Best Cheap

ASP.NET Hosting Provider in India?


The best cheap ASP.NET hosting provider in India award winner are granted to those who provide high quality hosting solution and friendly customer support which available in affordable or cheap package price. is not only  just offering you cheap ASP.NET hosting in India but also a reliable and superior support services. They understand the importance of performance on ASP.NET websites and you would sure be satisfied with them. offers you the latest technology from Microsoft like Windows 2012 web server with IIS7 or above, ASP.NET framework V1.0, V2.0, V3.5, V4.0 and above, Microsoft SQL 2014/2012/2008, IIS ASP.NET security at High Level Trust. All of this are serve in affordable pricing package. This best cheap ASP.NET hosting provider in India is perfect for web sites which are built for personal interests and business blogs. - Best Cheap ASP.NET Hosting Provider in India with Cheap Price

For ASP.NET hosting, has four plans in total, namely Personal, Developer, Business and Expert. And the company rates them at INR 70/mo, INR 200/mo, INR 400/mo and INR 660/mo respectively. Recently, there is a special offers available. If you purchase their ASP.NET Budget Yearly Plan, you can get one free domain. And if you purchase their ASP.NET Shared Professional Yearly Plan or above, you can get double MSSQL Server. Click this link for more information.

When you check out, you can choose PayPal or credit card. Other payment methods such as check are not accepted. supports 30 days money back. If you want to cancel your account with out of any reason, you can get full refund within 30 days. - Best Cheap ASP.NET Hosting Provider in India with High Performace

With more than 2000 powerful servers for shared and dedicated,’s servers are strong enough to host customer websites without any serious problem. The servers are placed on the data center with world-class facilities, thus ensuring highest performance and reliability. A dedicated technical teams work tirelessly and around the clock to make sure that your sites stay up, stay fast, and stay supported with the latest ASP.NET hosting technology. So that you don’t need to worry about slowness or downtime, once a server problem occurs, the experienced and skillful staff will work it out as soon as possible. Like most other outstanding shared hosting companies, guarantees 99.9% uptime and it is completely confident in keeping the promise. - Best Cheap ASP.NET Hosting Provider in India with Rich Feature

As the best cheap ASP.NET hosting provider in India,’s top priority is to provide you ASP.NET hosting solution with rich features. Holding the principal that customer comes first, integrates each plan with the easy-to-navigate Plesk control panel, with which webmasters are able to manage their domains, websites, files, databases and FTP accounts easily and quickly.’s shared hosting plans fully supports almost all the cutting-edge technologies with huge hosting space and bandwith. Taking the Developer plan as an example, it includes a bundle of basic and advanced features with cheap price. To make things plain and clear, we list some of the outstanding ones as follows:

Domain Unlimited
Disk Spaces 3 GB
Bandwidth 30 GB
MSSQL 2008/2012/2014
MSSQL Space 200 MB/DB
MySQL Space 200 Mb/DB
Email Space 200 MB
 Price INR200 / mo
More information CLICK HERE - Best Cheap ASP.NET Hosting Provider in India with Excellent Technical Support

A good web host must be going with excellent after-sale service, and that is exactly what is working on. supports 24×7 India-based live chat and email when customers need any technical assistance. In addition, in their support center, you can also submit a support ticket. They hired an army of the very best technicians, managers and web hosting experts. They are standing by to respond to your queries around the clock, big or small, for you in 24×7, 365 days a year. is the Best Cheap ASP.NET Hosting Provider in India


As a summary, is a good choice for personal and individuals who looking for the best cheap ASP.NET hosting provider in India. is an excellent ASP.NET hosting provider in India which provides not only affordable ASP.NET hosting package but also guarantees excellent hosting performance, rich features and effective customer support.

Best Cheap Australian DotNetNuke Hosting Based On Experts Selection

Best Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting in Australia | Being the most popular Content Management System (CMS) for the .NET market, DotNetNuke (DNN) is used on millions of websites. This CMS is rather easy to install and use. All you need is to download the software and follow simple installation tutorial. Aside from easy installation, DotNetNuke is also extremely useful for busy beginners as well as for experienced developers. With a nice user interface and various wizards this CMS offers you a lot of features to take advantage of. DotNetNuke has been used by over 600,000 websites world-wide including Australia. Due its popularity, finding the best cheap DotNetNuke hosting in Australia is not easy. Therefore, we recommend you going with the following best cheap DotNetNuke hosting in Australia which have been truly verified by our DotNetNuke experts.

How We Select Best Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting in Australia?

DotNetNuke is the best CMS within ASP.NET developer community, which now is powering over 700,000 production web sites worldwide. And the best cheap DotNetNuke hosting should offer rich features to run DotNetNuke fast, reliably and securely. So, when nominating best cheap DotNetNuke hosting, below are the criteria we look at:

  • Rich features to support DotNetNuke, which include Full ASP.NET Trust Level, minimum Windows 2008 R2, IIS 7.5+, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, .Net framework 4.5+ and above.
  • Every website is hosted using IIS Isolated Application Pool in order to meet maximum security standard and reliability.
  • High uptime and customers satisfaction rate. All candidates should be with 99.9%+ uptime and 90%+ customer satisfaction rate.
  • The DotNetNuke hosting plan supports automated DotNetNuke installation.
  • 24/7/365 Technical and Email support from the DotNetNuke Expert of the DotNetNuke hosting provider.
  • At least 30 Full Days money back.
  • Price needs to be affordable.

Who is The Best Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting Provider in Australia?

After reviewed dozens of Windows web hosting, is awarded as best cheap Dotnetnuke hosting provider in Australia by its incomparable prices, powerful servers, latest Microsoft technology, easy-to-use Plesk Panel, and exceptional 24/7 Australian based customer support. is a line of business under Macrodata Enterprise (ABN: 42 797 697 621), specializes in providing web hosting service to customers in Australia. was established to cater to an under served market in the hosting industry; web hosting for customers who want excellent service. This is why continues to prosper throughout the web hosting industry’s maturation process.

Why is The Best Cheap Hosting Provider in Australia?

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Besides the checkpoints on reviewing other generic Windows web hosting, best cheap DotNetNuke hosting are rated based on these web hosting aspects below:

Pricing offers a variety of cheap and affordable Australia Windows ASP.NET Shared Hosting Plans to fit any need. To meet individual needs and abilities, generously releases three ASP.NET-based packages – Economy, Proffesional and Business. When it comes to the pricing, this company prices the plans from $7.00/mo regularly. For another two plans, the reguler prices are $14.00/mo and $21.00/mo. More importantly, customers who are not totally satisfied with this company’s service are capable of asking for a satisfying refund within the first 30 days and getting a pro-rated one after this period.

Performance guarantees the highest quality product, top security, and unshakeable reliability. They carefully chose high-quality servers, networking, and infrastructure equipment to ensure the utmost reliability. Security, reliability and performance are at the core of their ASP.NET hosting operations to ensure each site and/or application hosted on their servers is highly secured and performs at optimum level.

Unlike other web hosting companies, they do not overload our servers. All our servers are equipped with minimum Intel Dual Processor Multi Core, 8 GM RAM and the fastest 1,000 Mbps connection backbone. This is to ensure that all sites hosted on our server has an access to the best performance, reliability and connectivity feature. Also, their data center is located at Melbourne, VIC. Their data centers are built upon a unique pod design concept, making them functionally independent with distinct and redundant resources, and fully integrated through their revolutionary network architecture.


Holding the principal that customer comes first, integrates each plan with the easy-to-navigate Plesk control panel, with which webmasters are able to manage their domains, websites, files, databases and FTP accounts easily and quickly. When it comes to the hosting features, it is hard to find another web host in Australia that can equal to Taking the entry level Economy plan as an example, it includes a bundle of basic and advanced features. The most popular Professional plan offers up to 5 GB disk space and 50 GB monthly bandwidth. As for the top level Business plan, it includes 5 GB disk space and 100 GB monthly data transfer, which is a suitable option for some people who have high website traffic.

Technical Support

As customer service is the most essential part in web hosting, spares no effort to satisfy every customer. This company owns a team of passionate and professional technical staffs, who are accessible twenty-four hours one day and seven days one week, even deep at night.

A good web host must be going with excellent after-sale service, and that is exactly what is working on. Whenever you get into any trouble and want great customer support, you can reach award-winning support team by sending them emails and tickets, then you can also do live chat with a real support staff online. Even you’re in the basic hosting package, knowledgeable staffs are well prepared 24×7 to help you with any issue.

Looking for Best Cheap European Linux Shared Hosting? Check Out This Solution!

Best Cheap Linux Shared Hosting | Windows may rule in the desktop environment, but there is a different king in the web hosting arena, and its name is Linux. Just as Windows, nowadays Linux has became a very popular computer operating system. Its popularity is mainly due to its application model, which is of the free and open source kind. You can get, share, alter, and even re-distribute the software. In fact, Linux web hosting let users take full advantage of open source technologies and platforms. Understanding what kind of Linux web hosting plans which offered by web hosts is a must, you can continue reading below review to learn about who is the best cheap Linux shared hosting provider.

About Linux Web Hosting

Linux hosting is highly effective due to some of the features and accessibility options that it offers. Using a Linux website hosting plan, users have the advantage of accessing other platforms and software such as PHP, MySQL, Python, as well as XML. Moreover, Linux web hosting comes with a source code. This is the programming software used by the system to let the computer decode the necessary programming language and understand it. Since this is known, you can then modify or improve Linux hosting to suit your different needs. Therefore, it is particularly possible to make improvements or even corrections to the system in case a problem is detected. This can be done without even interrupting or stopping the service. It is good to note that Linux web hosting is the particularly preferred choice of those seeking web hosting services without interruption or down times, as it is characterized by the absence of constant crashes.

Why Choose Linux Shared Hosting?

Linux shared hosting is the most popular and most affordable hosting option. You’ll be renting space on a shared Linux-based server with other site owners, which means you’re also sharing resources like RAM and processing power. It’s comparable to living in an apartment building: lots of neighbors, shared everything, and limited access to the inner workings of the property. The majority of websites run on shared linux servers. Enough firepower for most small business and personal websites, at a price point that won’t overwhelm, Linux shared hosting is the most affordable hosting type available. The Linux platform is perfect for all sorts of businesses and institutions, as the system is not as expensive and technical as it might seem. Linux shared hosting is fairly cheap and accessible to the majority of people. This is why more and more people are now choosing this system to meet their hosting needs.

Who is The Best Cheap Linux Shared Hosting?

After reviewed hundreds of different Linux shared hosting providers, here we’d like to recommend the best Linux shared hosting company for you to check further. This decision coming from our own independent reviews and we do have a very strict level to define a best web host on our website. Here comes the winner, To make clear why it is so popular and highly reputed, we have worked out a review on its Linux shared hosting service.

award-badge is web host offering both Linux and ASP.NET hosting services for people who focus their business in European countries. They have been awarded as the best Linux hosting service provider in Europe by many professional hosting review sites. – Linux Shared Hosting Pricing & Features has released 4 Linux shared hosting plans that come with different features and prices, which enables people to choose the best one according to their needs and budget. These 4 packages are named as Classic (ONE-TWO) and Business (ONE-TWO), starting at €2.00/month regularly. Besides, this company guarantees 30 days money back, which means that within the first 30 days, people are able to ask for a refund if they are not happy with this service and plan to terminate their hosting accounts.

You didn't add any pricing tables yet!

As for hosting feature, has integrated both of its Linux shared hosting service with many hosting features to ensure customers are able to run and manage their sites without any limitation. In addition, cPanel is included in the packages to help webmasters to manage their sites, files, data and domains easily. Besides, a 1-click script installer is integrated with the cPanel, with which software installation is a piece of cake, even for newbies that have little technical skill. – Linux Shared Hosting Uptime & Speed utilizes a state-of-the-art European data center that is equipped with 100+ quality Dell servers with SSD, RADI 5, 32 GB memory and 24 CPU cores. In addition, full redundant power supply is used to ensure there is no power failure in the data center. Moreover, UPS is adopted to protect the servers from any local electricity peak and bad effect of surge current.

What’s more, the company utilizes multi-layer network architecture is used to shorten the path between the hosted sites and visitors. Moreover, the company’s centralized network management center is monitoring the data center, servers and network 24×7, ensuring the hosted websites run with the least issue and a rapid access speed. – Linux Shared Hosting Tech Support & Security  

People who host their site with this company are able to contact the company technical support team via live chat and email no matter when they are in trouble. The support representatives are standing by 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to answer questions and offer assistance. All of them are well-trained, professional and experienced, so they can offer instant help to solve customers’ problems. Moreover, in their knowledgebase, their technicians and developers have developed many detailed articles to help people learn more about hosting. Also, numerous tutorials are worked out to teach people how to deal with common issues without waiting.

In addition, security is another huge concern of webmasters, especially for business site owners. technicians are monitoring their network 24×7, so they are able to immediately resolve any issue that may threaten the security of hosted sites. Furthermore, this provider has released 3 private SSL certificates, with which customers are able to encrypt their site data and visitors’ information. is The Best Cheap
Linux Shared Hosting


From the aspects reviewed above, we can get the conclusion that Linux shared hosting service is affordable, secure, reliable and fast, coming with many useful tools and rich server resources. Besides, their support team is helpful and responsive. Therefore, it deserves to be recognized as the best Linux shared hosting provider in Europe.