Choose These Providers for The Best Cheap PrestaShop Hosting

Best Cheap PrestaShop Hosting | Running your own web store has never been easier. There are literally hundreds of different companies offering everything from DIY shops to turnkey offers. PrestaShop is one of the most popular online shopping cart scripts and it’s an open source e-commerce solution. PrestaShop allows you to add catagories of products, subcategories of products, products complete with feature listings, pictures, related items and more detailed information. You can create customer groups, newsletters, a customer referral program, even a loyalty system for returning customers. PrestaShop has been downloaded more than 3,5 million times since first appearing on the Internet. PrestaShop has done a lot of work to improve the overall performances at PrestaShop Since PrestaShop is a widely-used e-commerce software, finding a good web host for PrestaShop websites is of great importance, because such a web host can certainly boost your visits and sales with the reliable and fast web hosting service. Here we have selected the best cheap PrestaShop hosting providers based on our in-depth and objective reviews.


PrestaShop Hosting Requirements

PrestaShop requires PHP 5 or later and the use of a MySQL 5 database, so if you already have PHP installed on your host (Windows, Linux or Unix), you’re half way done. PrestaShop works best with the familiar LAMP stack that most of the world’s Linux-powered hosts use. PrestaShop also can run in Windows (IIS) environment. This means that lots of providers can host PrestaShop For your information, LAMP stands for the key components of a Linux-powered web hosting:

  • L – Linux: The operating system.
  • A – Apache: The web server software.
  • M – MySQL: The database used for dynamic content management systems, such as WordPress and Joomla.
  • P – PHP: The server-side scripting language. It could also be Perl or Python.

Choosing The Best Cheap PrestaShop Hosting Providers

The 3 companies recommended here are all coming with rich features, outstanding reliability, high performance, great ease of use, and award-winning technical support.

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Why They are The Best Cheap PrestaShop Hosting Providers

In fact, we have reviewed more than 100 shared web hosting providers whose price starts from $2/mo to $7/mo for the past 2 years. Although most web hosts offers features that fully meet the minimum requirements of running PrestaShop, only a few of them have done really good job. Finally, we have choose, and as the best cheap PrestaShop hosting providers. Due to the best cheap PrestaShop hosting review, all of these 3 providers fully meet the following checking points:

  • Advance knowledge of PrestaShop hosting for 5+ years.
  • Their server are optimized specifically and compatible to run PrestaShop
  • Committed 99.9% PrestaShop hosting uptime.
  •  PrestaShop loading times less than 2 seconds averagely.
  • 1-click installation service for easy prestashop installation and upgrade.
  • No complaint on the web about the PrestaShop hosting loading speed & reliability.
  • 24×7 on-site technical support available via email, ticket & live chat.
  • Web hosting price no more than $3/month.

By going with these top 3 best cheap PrestaShop hosting, your purchase is risk-free, worry-free and totally guaranteed.