ASPHostPortal vs IXWebhosting – Best Cheap ASP.NET Hosting Comparison

ASPHostPortal and IXWebhosting are two of the popular Windows hosting providers that have been providing various Windows technologies, reliable servers, and easy-to-use packages. With these similarities, though, the two companies are different in many aspects such as the technical support, prices, and hosting speed.

In this comparison between the two web hosts, we will show how they compete with each other, and what their own edges are. The detailed analyses backed by monitoring statistics should be helpful if you are hanging between the choices.

First of all, here are the service ratings you may need.


Who are ASPHostPortal and IXWebHosting is also famous for its high quality web hosting solutions throughout the world. To satisfy all kinds of customers, it designs hosting on shared servers, virtual private server as well as dedicated servers. And it has its own unique advantage. That is working with the best.

Started as a very small web host with only one server in 1999, IXWebHosting has already grown into a worldwide famous web hosting provider. Besides web hosting, it also develops domain registration services for serving more customers.

Technical Supportstar4-5star3 vs IXWebHosting – Price & Feature

Are you planning to have ASP.NET website for your small business or just for personal use? The good news is that there is now low cost ASP.NET hosting available for you and there are many packages you can choose from. Moreover, you can start by spending only a few dollars per month.

Likewise, even if you choose the cheapest ASP.NET hosting package, you still get more than what you ask for because there are additional features that you can use. When making a decision on choosing a cheap ASP.NET hosting service, you should spent time doing research and compare ASP.NET hosting plans and ASP.NEThosting providers.

To make easy your duty in choosing best ASP.NET hosting plan that suit with your budget, the following are the hosting plan of ASPHostPortal and IXWebHosting that you can compare. offers a variety of cheap and affordable Windows ASP.NET Shared Hosting Plans to fit any need. They have 4 plans named Host Intro, Host One, Host Two, and Host Three. Their price starts from $1 – $14 per month. It included with the new ASP.NET features and 99.99% uptime and 30 days money back guarantee. ASPHostPortal  provides almost all the features that may be needed by both the normal hosting users and developers. As a Microsoft partner, the company has been doing well in offering what ASP.NET users want.The Host Intro plan, which attracts people with the low $1/mo price, doesn’t include any email storage or MSSQL database.


While  IXWebHosting Windows hosting starts from $12.95 per month. Due to IXWebHosting promotions now, people will save up to 65% off and spend from $4.95/mo eventually. So, if you are looking for a low budget hosting plan for your low-key website or blog, then ASPHostPortal’s basic plans are the most pocket-friendly.

ASPHostPortal vs IXWebHosting on Windows Hosting Performance

IXWebHosting and ASPHostPortal devote a lot into basic infrastructure, such as data centers and network, to make sure stable and fast performance for users.

IXWebHosting data center is built and operated by IXWebHosting itself. Because of that, all stuff in the data center are well-designed including network, lighting, etc. Furthermore, IXWebHosting technicians instead of a third party guard the data center for 24 hours a day. Therefore, IXWebHosting can decrease risks of downtime and data leakage at a minimum.

On the other hand, ASPHostPortal customers can choose from our 8 different world-class data center (US (Washington & Seattle), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom (London), Australia (Melbourne), France (Paris), Germany (Frankfurt)). They provide hosting service globally

You can be rest assured that your websites or dedicated servers are secured, managed and monitored in a state-of-the-art facility, and as a customer you have access to their engineers and the most reliable Support team.


After comparison, you can notice IXWebHosting really performs poorly in features and Support. So, we recommend for Windows hosting solution. If you are webmasters that require high speed & low budget hosting plan, than ASPHostPortal is the best option.