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ASP.NET State Service provides support for out-of-process session states for ASP. ASP has a concept of session state – a listing of values associated with the client session is accessible from ASP pages through the Session property. There are three options provided to store session data: In process; SQL database; and out-of-process. The ASP.NET State Service stores session data out-of-process. The service communicates with ASP using sockets.


ASP.NET is a web programming language that makes use of this service. ASP.NET allows web programmers the ability to create sessions, a period of time that a specific user interacts with a Web application. A session acts like an internal memory storing user data, behavior, workflow (anything the programmer deems important) for the duration of the user’s time on that particular website.

For example, let’s say that you are taking an online geology course through a university. You need to take an online exam, so you log on to the school’s website and begin taking the test. From the moment that you log on the website to the moment that you log off, all of your answers are being stored in a session by the web application. For every page that you visit on that website, your answers are stored without you having to re-enter the information. This is made possible because you are given a unique session ID, or session key, that is associated with you as you interact with the website.

As mentioned above, the ASP.NET State Service provides support for storing session data out-of-process. There are basically three ways that session data can be stored: in-process, SQL database, or out-of-process. If session data is stored in-process, the data is stored in ASP.NET’s memory space, thus making the ASP.NET process responsible for accessing and maintaining session data. Session data can also be stored in a SQL database, thus making the database responsible for accessing and maintaining session data. If the session data is kept out-of-process, the data is accessed and maintained by a separate process’ memory space.

Service NameAspnet_state
Display NameASP.NET State Service
Executable File Nameaspnet_state.exe
Reciprocal DependenciesNone
Default Startup TypeManual
Recommended Startup TypeAuto (if use out-of-process data storage for sessions in ASP.NET), Disable (if you do not use ASP.NET or out-of-process data storage for sessions in ASP.NET)

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