Hosting Tips – Understanding Web Hosting Terms of Service (TOS)

Understanding Web Hosting Terms of Service | When you are looking for a web hosting company for your website, understanding Web hosting terms of service (or terms and conditions) is very important. Many people sign up a web hosting plan without reading the TOS. They just look at the advertising at the home page of a web host’s website.

Understanding Web Hosting Terms of Service

Normally, the Terms of Service (TOS) page is quite long and surely most people will have no patience to read from the beginning to the end. Hey! You don’t have to read all sections and all items! But, you must read some of important parts for understanding Web hosting terms of service. You should understand the following objects below before you sign up a web hosting plan.

Understanding Web Hosting Terms of Service

Use of Website

Use of Website includes “Content”, “Prohibited Uses”, or “Acceptable Use”. This part will tell you what kind of web content are not allowed to use the hosting services, such as Prohibition of Adult Content, Prohibition of Offensive Behavior, Infringing upon any copyright or trademark, Using a shared account as a backup/storage device, and so on.

Data Transfer and Disk Usage

If you intend to host a website with big usage of space and bandwidth on a shared server, it’s better to check this part of content to make sure your website is not going to violate the terms. Each hosting company offers different hosting packages depending on what features are in it or not in it. These packages include the disk space, bandwidth, domain among other things. There are services that offer a certain size for these while there are those that have unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Your choice of a hosting package will depend on the kind of business that you have. If you have many websites to be hosted, you can choose a better hosting package that will meet your need. For smaller business, there are also affordable hosting packages that will fit your needs.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

“Suspension and Termination” and “Guarantee” is the part of cancellation and refund policy that you need to know for understanding Web hosting terms of service. You need to read this carefully. Even you cancel your account in 30 day money guarantee, some fees like domain registration, set up fee are not refundable. If your payment method is not credit card, some web hosts will not give your money back. They will give you credit on their services. Read it before you sign to avoid surprise. When it comes to, if for any reason you’re unhappy in your first 30 days as a customer, you’re more than welcome to request your money back. You don’t have to worry about domain and set up fee, because they give you free of charge of setup fee in the beginning you register your account with them.

Payment and Renewal

Some web hosts may have a policy on payment by check, money order, or other payment methods. Some web hosts set automatic renewal as default. If you don’t request a cancellation before the end of your contract, your hosting account will be renewed automatically.

There are more things that you should read regarding your specific website’s need, such as Prohibited Scripts and Applications, Back Up, Reseller Policy, etc. However, what we have listed above is the most important parts that you have to know for understanding Web hosting term of service (TOS).