Best and Cheap SQL 2014 Hosting with Fast Network

Best and Cheap SQL 2014 Hosting | We choose Best and Cheap SQL 2014 Hosting with Fast Network based on the features, server performance, loading speed, customer support, guarantee, and price.

sql2014Microsoft has been running SQL Server 2014 through its CTP programme for a while, and it’s now time for the company’s latest database release to reach general availability. We recently spent some time at Microsoft’s Redmond campus trying out its key new features.

SQL Server 2014 is, at heart, very much the familiar SQL Server. It uses the same familiar management tools, the same T-SQL language, and the same APIs that connect it to your applications. That means you should be able to upgrade existing databases in place, to take advantage of its performance and scaling improvements. But that’s only part of the story, as Microsoft has been looking at the ways we use data in modern applications, and added new features that should dramatically improve performance — and that also bring on-premises databases and the cloud closer together.

Best and Cheap SQL 2014 Hosting with Fast Network Recommendation


We have reviewed dozen ASP.NET Hosting that support with SQL 2014 and recommend as your SQL hosting partner. They provide SQL 2014 Plan only for $5/mo. It include with uptime and 30 days money back guarantee. They also have complete features, and give you daily back up service to make your site more powerful.


LOGO AHPAs a leading small to mid-sized business web hosting provider, strive to offer the most technologically advanced hosting solutions available to customers across the world. Security, reliability, and performance are at the core of hosting operations to ensure each site and/or application hosted on their servers is highly secured and performs at optimum level. Unlike other web hosting companies, they do not overload servers.

All servers are equipped with minimum Intel Dual Processor Multi Core, 8 GM RAM and the fastest 1,000 Mbps connection backbone. This is to ensure that all sites hosted on the server has an access to the best performance, reliability and connectivity feature.

Full Remote Access
They allow you full remote connectivity to your SQL Server 2014 Hosting database and do not restrict access in any way.

Easily transfer your existing SQL Server database
With their SQL Server hosting package, there’s no need to rebuild your database from scratch should you wish to transfer an existing SQL Server database to them. If you already have a database hosted elsewhere, you can easily transfer the contents of your database using SQL Server Management Studio which is fully supported by their packages. SSMS provides you with an Import/Export wizard which you can use to upload your data and stored procedures with a couple of clicks.

Fastest Network
ASPHostPortal has architected its network like no other hosting company. Every facet of network infrastructure scales to gigabit speeds with no single point of failure.

Summary | Best and Cheap  SQL 2014 Hosting with Fast Network

We have tried their hosting service for 3 months and this web host give us the best service. They always keep our site on best speed with zero percent of downtime. Their technical service also support our ticket fast and give best solution of our problems. Because that, we conclude as Best SQL 2014 Hosting with Fast Network.