Which Hosting Provider can Give You The Best and Cheap nopCommerce 3.50 Hosting ?

Best and Cheap nopCommerce 3.50 Hosting | Are you planning to start your new online business? Or do you want to improve the performance of your online business with the best e-commerce solution? In this day, there are so many e-commerce CMS platform. We think this following review will help you to choose the best e-commerce platform for your website. In this following review, we’re gonna help you to choose the best and cheap nopCommerce 3.50 hosting.

nopCommerce is an open source e-commerce CMS platform. This application has managed to steal the attention of online businesses because it’s easy to install and this application has a very fast setup. On 8th December 2014, nopCommerce has released its new version, nopCommerce 3.50. We have compiled a list of the more important features in the new nopCommerce 3.50. So please pay attention to see how nopCommerce 3.50 Hosting builds upon an already great system and makes nopCommerce even more functional and fit for more and more e-commerce businesses.

nopcommerce 3.50 hosting

There are some new features that support nopCommerce 3.50:

  • Version 3.50 of nopCommerce adds support for rental products along with better warehouse support and inventory control.
  • Better warehouse support. The nopCommerce store owner now has a better control over how products are distributed when they are in multiple warehouses. Now a single product can exist in multiple warehouses.
  • Allow a store owner to define custom address attributes. you can define custom address fields and manage them easily from the administration.
  • Allow a store owner to see all existing extensions and themes on the nopcommerce.com market place in admin area. This new feature will provide you with an easy and convenient way to find and choose Plugins and Themes right from your administration.
  • Specification attributes support several new types. Specification attributes can now be of different types like: option, custom text, HTML text and hyperlink.
  • Allow a store owner to specify “pick up in store” fee.
  • Allow store owners to extend HTML Editor (admin area) without customization.
  • In nopCommerce 3.50 a download link is displayed for every downloadable product on the order details page.
  • Topics, now include in top menu. You are now able to add topics to top menu, by selecting the Include in top menu setting.
  • Order list page, allow a store owner to filter orders by product name.
  • Discounts, allow a store owner to specify maximum product quantity which could be discounted.
  • Shopping cart page, now your customers will be able to see how much reward points they will earn with their purchase in the shopping cart page.
  • Export/import country states.
  • Now the store owner can attach PDF invoices to “order paid” emails and attach static files to any message template.

In summary, we must say that this is another great release from nopCommerce. There are so many new features in nopCommerce 3.50 that it is really hard for us to mention all of them in a single blog post.

We Recommend You to The Top 3 nopCommerce 3.50 Hosting Provider

1. HostForLIFE.eu guarantees 99.9% uptime for their professional nopCommerce 3.50 Hosting. The services of HostForLIFE.eu are excellent and its features of the web hosting plan are greater than many hosting. HostForLIFE.eu offers the latest IT technology and more advanced features. The reliability, stability and performance of its servers remains a TOP priority. HostForLIFE.eu revolutionized hosting with Plesk Control Panel, a Web-based interface that provides customers with 24×7 access to their server and site configuration tools. The HostForLIFE.eu’s nopCommerce 3.5 Hosting solution offers a comprehensive feature set that is easy-to-use for new users, yet powerful enough for the most demanding web developer expert.

2. ASPHostPortal.com provides full trust web hosting services for your nopCommerce 3.50 site. Full service and fully accountable, they expertly manage your hosting. nopCommerce 3.50 is much faster and easier to use, there is a slew of design as well as performance changes. nopCommerce 3.50 now support rental products, new tax rules for Europe Union from 2015, better warehouse and inventory control. In this version, nopCommerce allow a store owner to define custom address attributes and see all existing extensions and themes in admin area. And now specification attributes support several types like option, custom text, HTML text and hyperlink.

3. DiscountService.biz provides sufficient nopCommerce 3.50 hosting resources and the latest versions of almost all the widely-used software, such as unlimited 2 GB Disk Space storage, 20GB monthly data transfer, unlimited hosted domains, PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.5, SQL 2008/2012/2014, etc with a. As a leading small to mid-sized business web hosting provider, they strive to offer the most technologically advanced hosting solutions available to their customers across the world. Security, reliability, and performance are at the core of their hosting operations to ensure each site and/or application hosted on their servers is highly secured and performs at optimum level. Unlike other web hosting companies, they do not overload their servers.

Best and Cheap Drupal 7.34 Hosting with Powerful Server

Best and Cheap Drupal 7.34 Hosting with Powerful Server

Best and Cheap Drupal 7.34 Hosting | Drupal is definitely an open source content management application utilized by thousands of sites and is the gold normal within the open supply back-end system market. With Drupal, developers are in a position to build content management systems that permit for account registration, RSS feeds, menu management, system administration, and page style. The regular release of Drupal, called Drupal core, offers developers fundamental functions that will be applied towards brouchureware web sites, single or multi user blogs, forums, or neighborhood sites. You can find more than 18,000 add-ons accessible to fine tune and customize Drupal to meet the requirements of virtually any situation.

Best-&-Cheap-Drupal-7.34-Hosting-with-Powerful-ServerThe best way to select a best and inexpensive Drupal 7.34 hosting? Selecting a best low-cost Drupal 7.34 hosting isn’t a easy task specifically with low cost provides. You will need to take a sizable number of aspects into consideration, such as the Drupal 7.34 compatibility, usability, functions, speed, reliability, price, firm reputation, and so forth. As a result, we have established this Drupal 7.34 assessment website, which is made to help you discover the top and inexpensive Drupal 7.34 hosting within minutes, depending on our specialized editors’ Drupal 7.34 hosting encounter and genuine customers’ feedback.

Best & Cheap Drupal 7.34 Hosting with Powerful Server Recommendation

The following are the most popular Drupal 7.34 web hosting among BestCheapHostingASP.NETs visitors:


ASPHostPortal.com gives Best & Cheap Drupal 7.34 Hosting with Powerful Server. ASPHostPortal.com was founded in 2008. It has been topping the list of nearly each of the net hosting assessment websites so far. This business is missioned to deliver a cost successful program in the consideration of all feature, value, reliability, loading speed and technical assistance. Their Best & Cheap Drupal 7.34 Hosting with Powerful Server plan is starting at $5.00/mo. ASPHostPortal.com is now supplying totally free domain for new clientele to take pleasure in the company’s outstanding web hosting service. Their servers optimized for your Drupal 7.34 installation 24/7/365 ASPHostPortal.com’s technical help from Drupal hosting experts.


DiscountService.biz prides itself in providing internet hosting having a rare mixture of unmatched reliability, top quality and affordability. DiscountService.biz’s edge is derived by means of unparalleled company management and a culture of employee driven initiatives. With their completely help on Microsoft Windows and Drupal in their Windows Server, DiscountService.biz may be the best selection to host your Drupal 7.34 hosting. They’re so confident in their hosting services they’ll not only give you a 30 days income back assure, but also they provide you with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Their Drupal 7.34 hosting strategy is beginning from $7.00/mo.


UKWindowsHostASP.NET delivers Drupal 7.34 hosting. They offer versatile Drupal 7.34 hosting to new and also existing customers. Offered the scale of their environment, they have recruited and created a few of the greatest talent inside the hosting technology that you just are employing. Their team is robust simply because from the encounter and talents in the individuals who make up UKWindowsHostASP.NET.

HostForLIFE.eu Launches Cheap New Data Center in Frankfurt

HostForLIFE.eu, a leading Windows and ASP.NET hosting provider with innovative technology solutions and a dedicated professional services team proudly announces a new Data Center in Frankfurt (Germany) for all costumers. HostForLIFE’s new data center in Frankfurt will address strong demand from customers for excellent data center services in Europe, as data consumption and hosting services experience continued growth in the global IT markets.

Frankfurt New Data Center
The new facility will provide customers and their end users with HostForLIFE.eu services that meet in-country data residency requirements. It will also complement the existing HostForLIFE.eu. The Frankfurt (Germany) data center will offer the full range of HostForLIFE.eu web hosting infrastructure services, including bare metal servers, virtual servers, storage and networking.

HostForLIFE.eu expansion into Frankfurt gives them a stronger European market presence as well as added proximity and access to HostForLIFE.eu growing customer base in region. HostForLIFE.eu has been a leader in the dedicated Windows & ASP.NET Hosting industry for a number of years now and they are looking forward to bringing their level of service and reliability to the Windows market at an affordable price.

Best Cheap ASP.NET Hosting

The new data center will allow customers to replicate or integrate data between Frankfurt data centers with high transfer speeds and unmetered bandwidth (at no charge) between facilities. Frankfurt itself, is a major center of business with a third of the world’s largest companies headquartered there, but it also boasts a large community of emerging technology startups, incubators, and entrepreneurs.

Their network is built from best-in-class networking infrastructure, hardware, and software with exceptional bandwidth and connectivity for the highest speed and reliability. Every upstream network port is multiple 10G and every rack is terminated with two 10G connections to the public Internet and two 10G connections to their private network. Every location is hardened against physical intrusion, and server room access is limited to certified employees.

All of HostForLIFE.eu controls (inside and outside the data center) are vetted by third-party auditors, and they provide detailed reports for their customers own security certifications. The most sensitive financial, healthcare, and government workloads require the unparalleled protection HostForLIFE.eu provides.

Frankfurt (Germany) data centres meet the highest levels of building security, including constant security by trained security staff 24×7, electronic access management, proximity access control systems and CCTV. HostForLIFE.eu is monitored 24/7 by 441 cameras onsite. All customers are offered a 24/7 support function and access to their IT equipment at any time 24/7 by 365 days a year.

For more information about new data center in Frankfurt, please visit http://hostforlife.eu/Frankfurt-Hosting-Data-Center

About HostForLIFE.eu
HostForLIFE.eu is an European Windows Hosting Provider which focuses on the Windows Platform only. HostForLIFE.eu deliver on-demand hosting solutions including Shared hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and IT as a Service for companies of all sizes.

HostForLIFE.eu is awarded Top No#1 SPOTLIGHT Recommended Hosting Partner by Microsoft (see http://www.asp.net/hosting/hostingprovider/details/953). Their service is ranked the highest top #1 spot in several European countries, such as: Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and other European countries. Besides this award, they have also won several awards from reputable organizations in the hosting industry and the detail can be found on their official website.