Top 3 Best Cheap SugarCRM 7.6 Hosting Providers

Best Cheap SugarCRM 7.6 Hosting | Looking for a better way to manage and grow your small business? Customer relationship management (CRM) software can make all the difference. The primary purpose of CRM software, sometimes known as contact management software, is to consolidate customer information into one repository, so users can better organize and manage relationships. One of the best CRM software is SugarCRM. Founded in April 2004, SugarCRM has become one of the highest growth CRM software publishers in the world. SugarCRM is a web-based customer relations management (CRM) tool that facilitates all of the business roles by bringing them together under a unified software system. SugarCRM 7.6 is the next step forward in the fulfillment of SugarCRM’s vision of making every customer relationship extraordinary. SugarCRM 7.6 can be accessed through a website, which is usually hosted internally by a company. So, choosing the right SugarCRM 7.6 hosting provider can be one important factor that can determine your business growth. If you think that SugarCRM is what you need, then don’t hesitate, we will help you to find the best cheap SugarCRM 7.6 hosting.

SugarCRM 7.6 Hosting

About SugarCRM 7.6

The new functionality of SugarCRM 7.6 is focused on these three key areas:

Mobile User ExperienceImproved UsabilityAdvanced Workflow
SugarCRM 7.6 enables users to customize their mobile dashboard and dashlets. Users can easily view dashboards from the main menu of their mobile devices, create personalized dashboards, engage in social collaboration through the activity stream, and see all their favorite charts on mobile devices.
Enhanced role-based views in SugarCRM 7.6 make it easier for customer-facing employees to find the data they need based on their role in the organization. With enhanced D&B data services integration into the Sugar UX™ intelligence panel, each user has the ability to leverage data to better understand every individual with whom they interact.
SugarCRM 7.6 includes best-in-class business process management software features, including:

  • Visual Designer.
  • Enhanced time-based alerts, escalations and approval workflows.
  • Support for parallel and complex workflows.
  • Business Rules Builder.

With these capabilities embedded directly in the CRM, Sugar enterprise customers can affordably automate complex business processes like case routing and escalation, contract approval, customer and employee onboarding, and payment workflow and escalation that involve all customer-facing employees across the entire customer journey. Broad deployment of these advanced workflow capabilities closes interdepartmental gaps, offers a more seamless customer experience and improves customer satisfaction. Finally, business users, not just IT, can create complex workflow rules without coding through the Business Rules Builder, empowering individuals across the organization to manage their own complex processes.

SugarCRM 7.6 Hosting Guide

SugarCRM 7.6  is designed for hosting on a modern LAMP stack (Linux OS, Apache web server, MySQL database system, PHP). It looks easy to find a web hosting solution for SugarCRM 7.6, but it’s actually a tough task if you want to find the best cheap SugarCRM 7.6 hosting which is fast, reliable, affordable, and with rich features to empower all the potential of SugarCRM. So, when looking for a SugarCRM 7.6 hosting, besides some generic web hosting features, you should pay special attention to bellow items which are highly related to SugarCRM.

Linux or Windows
For operation system, we prefer using Linux server to host SugarCRM 7.6. Even though PHP & MySQL run well in Microsoft Windows and IIS, Linux and Apache has proven to be faster, cheaper and more reliable when come to any application built on PHP & MySQL.

SugarCRM Friendly Customer Support
A SugarCRM-friendly web host should have good knowledge on SugarCRM 7.6 to help on trouble shooting when their customers have issues related to their SugarCRM 7.6 hosting. It’s painful to work with a web host knowing nothing about it.

1-Click SugarCRM 7.6 Installation
1-Click SugarCRM 7.6 installation is not that valuable for an experienced  webmaster, but it definitely helps newbies a lot of to setup their first site.

Choosing Best Cheap SugarCRM 7.6 Hosting

Choosing the best cheap SugarCRM 7.6 hosting is critical to the success of your online business. The best cheap SugarCRM 7.6 hosting below are given to the best web hosting who have outperformed their competitors on price value, customer support, usability, and reliability when hosting a Joomla site. After evaluating hundreds of web hosts carefully, we finally name and as best cheap SugarCRM 7.6 hosting providers. All their solutoins are 100% compatible with SugarCRM 7.6 and could run the site smoothly, fast, and securely.

Best Cheap SugarCRM 7.6 Hosting –

Screenshot 2015-09-15 provides high quality affordable India’s web hosting services for personal and companies of all sizes. As a technology focused web hosting, their SugarCRM 7.6 hosting packages are designed to support popular web development technologies. Linux hosting package starts from INR 170/month only, and it guarantees on 30 days full money back and prorated refund after first 30 days. It’s perfect for individual freelancer and business owners in using SugarCRM 7.6. Their hosting package also support latest PHPMyAdmin, latest MySQL version, unlimited domain, huge bandwidth and disk space.

Best Cheap SugarCRM 7.6 Hosting –

Screenshot 2015-06-30  is a very popular web hosting service provider in the European industry, it’s fast and cheap. Its web hosting solution has been proven to be 100% compatible with SugarCRM 7.6. shared hosting start from €3.00/month for windows and €2.00/month for Linux shared hosting respectively. As its customer, you will receive unlimited domain, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited diskspace and free global CDN service. Their MySQL has been well optimized and can be access very fast, which really make SugarCRM 7.6 runs smoothly in it.

Another thing makes outstanding is that after 30 days trial period, you can request your remaining money back based on how many months you still have with them. This is really keep your money in safe.


Best Cheap SugarCRM 7.6 Hosting –

Screenshot 2015-06-30 offers 3 main packages with affordable prices: Economy $7.00/month aims to fulfill your common need for a website. Professional and Business respectively charging $14.00/month and $21.00/month are suitable for you to manage a larger and more complex website.

The 3 packages include  unlimited domain pointers, PHP with FastCGl and some web application installer covering SugarCRM 7.6 and more. As for billing, they offer 3 options, namely 3-month billing, 1-year billing and 3-year billing. Moreover, the packages enable you to accept domain transfers and use international domains. As for the control panel, includes a web-based control panel. This company supported by dual quad-core Dell branded servers is able to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime and fast the response time which is 317ms. As for customer services, it offers 24/7 technical support via email, ticket and live chat.