ASPHostPortal vs DreamHost – Best & Cheap Hosting Comparison

ASPHostPortal and DreamHost are two famous web hosting companies in the industry. Both of them offer the reliable shared web hosting with the high exposure in communities. Therefore, many customers have no idea how to choose the most suited one among them. In below, we would like to clarify the edges and limitations of the two web hosts so as to help webmasters narrow down their choices and make the wise decision.


Who is ASPHostPortal & DreamHost ? has been in the shared web hosting industry for more than 8 years, serving millions users worldwide. It utilizes the latest advanced technologies to ensure website uptime and speed, such as dual quad performance servers, first-class datacenter, Resource Protection, CPU and I/O Segregation technology, etc. Besides, the company offers a group of professional technical support staffs who are 24/7/365 accessibility.

  • Affordable professional web hosting is starting at $5.00/mo regularly. Customers can free cloud hosting by going through the exclusive promotional link. Besides, it also comes with free features as a free domain, free site builder w/ templates, and up to $100 Google AdWords credits.
  • Rich provides rich features to satisfy different kind of requirements. With unlimited disk space & bandwidth, unlimited Email & FTP accounts, unlimited domain hosting, as well as advanced technologies like ASP.NET, PHP, MySQL, Perl, etc, ASPHostPortal is rich enough to power personal blogs and small to medium sized business websites.
  • Professional Technical Support. ASPHostPortal offers 24×7 US-based technical support to help customers via live chat and email. Besides, it also offers rich online sources including video tutorials, started wizard, knowledgebase, and user forum.
  • Excellent Performance. Most importantly, ASPHostPortal delivers excellent performance for all the hosted websites. It has 3 dedicated data centers which are equipped with state of art Windows servers, networks, security, power, safety, and cooling systems, etc to ensure the hosting website running stable and fast. As we monitored its server response time in the past 12 months, ASPHostPortal keeps 99.9% uptime and runs fast all the time.
Money Back GuaranteeDisk SpaceSiteBest Overall Hosting Plans
30 days5 GBHost Unlimited

dreamhostlogo-iconDreamHost is a veteran on the market, hosting a large number of domains all over the world. Recently, however, we have received some negative feedbacks about the inconvenience of DreamHost customer support. The company only provides e-mail support which is not very efficient. Our editors have sent an enquiry about how to disable CloudFlare caching for a single sub-domain, and received the response after a couple of hours with a complicated answer. If customers want to contact support staffs via toll-free phone call and live chat, they need to pay $9.95/mo extra.

  • Free Setup
  • 1 Free Domain
  • Free Domain Privacy Protection
Money Back GuaranteeDisk SpaceSiteBest Overall Hosting Plans
30 daysUnlimited Disk

Plans and Pricing – ASPHostPortal vs DreamHost

Both companies offer shared hosting plans to their customers. In iPower, the eight plans are called Host Intro, Host One, Host Two, Host Three, Host Four, Host Five, Host Six, Host Seven priced at $1.00/mo, $5.00/mo, $9.00/mo, $14.00/mo, $23.00/mo, $35.00/mo, $45.00/mo and $70.00/mo. Currently, they offer free domain and free double SQL Server space. These offer valid for Host Two Yearly Plan or above. Different than ASPHostPortal, DreamHost has just one plan for their shared hosting with price of $8.95/mo. So you can’t choose which plan that suitable for your needs.So, if you are looking for a low budget hosting plan for your low-key website or blog, then ASPHostPortal’s basic plans are the most pocket-friendly.

Uptime and Speed – ASPHostPortal vs DreamHost

ASPHostPortal gives you an uptime guarantee of 99.99%, while DreamHost claims that it can give your website 100% uptime. However, when you calculate the uptime offered by these two hosting companies in real-time or check their existing customer reviews, you will realise that they have quite similar uptimes.

We have tried to host our websites with both these web hosts and experienced their significantly higher uptime percentages. So, there is hardly any difference between the two hosts in terms of high availability for your website. ASPHostPortal customer reviews and our experience with its hosting services reveal that they offer significantly high page load speeds. DreamHost utilises SSDs instead of SATA hard disk drives that also clearly gives a major boost to your web page speeds.

So, both web hosts are pretty reliable in terms of uptime and speed, with no clear winner between them.


Customer Support – ASPHostPortal vs DreamHost

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced webmaster, you will always need the strong support of a good technical staff to help you with your site in an emergency. So, a solid customer support at any time is a must for your website.

Both hosting providers offer round the clock support. ASPHostPortal gives you more options to contact their customer support at any time, including via live chat, email or the ticketing system, for timely replies and issue resolutions.

In comparison, DreamHost offers access to its wiki manual which consists of several troubleshooting tips, how-to articles and more. It also offers customer support via live chat, Twitter, and email. But, DreamHost does not offer any ticketing system.

ASPHostPortal is the clear winner here, because of the quick response time of its customer support staff as well as its flexibility in terms of contacting methods.

Conclusion – ASPHostPortal vs DreamHost

The above comparison of ASPHostPortal with DreamHost proves that they are pretty similar, except in terms of a few features.

On the one hand, ASPHostPortal holds a slight edge over DreamHost in terms of its customer support flexibility and its easy-to-use control panel. If you are a newbie webmaster, you can opt for ASPHostPortal, as it offers cheap basic shared hosting plans and you will be able to instantly start using its control panel for executing some quick hosting tasks.

Additionally, if you are looking for Windows hosting options, then, ASPHostportal is the right one for you!

On the other hand, DreamHost offers you a very big money back guarantee duration along with additional features, such as a free domain and complete flexibility to configure your dedicated server hosting plan.

So, it is difficult to pick a clear winner between these two web hosting companies, especially for large traffic websites. You can choose one for your website, depending on the features that are top priorities for your current hosting needs.

We hope that the above comparison of ASPHostPortal with DreamHost has provided you with useful information and will assist you in choosing an appropriate web host for your website.

Please share which hosting provider you prefer between the two, along with any new reasons for this choice other than those already stated above. Thanks for reading!