Best and Cheap Composite C1 4.3 Hosting Provider

With so many Content Management Systems out there, we are sure it is a tough job to select one. Which is why you need some added info on which CMS Website development to choose from and which one is the best suited for your needs. If you need a professional, but budget friendly website, that scales out in the cloud and integrates with the Microsoft suite, then Composite C1 is for you. Composite C1 is a fully featured free open source CMS based on Microsoft technology. Build for and by web professionals Composite C1 is the perfect tool to build and maintain powerful corporate websites, while still remaining easy and accessible for the editors. Composite C1 has over 15.000 world wide installations world wide running everything from small businesses and personal websites to large corporations. Composite C1 4.3 is the latest stable release which does much for performance improvements and enjoys a good deal of new features. There’s a plenty of web hosting providers which offer Composite C1 4.3 hosting. To make your buying decision easy, we’ve concluded this provider which can give you the best and Cheap Composite C1 4.3 hosting solution.


What's On Composite C1 4.3?

Composite C1 4.3 is the latest stable release which does much for performance improvements and enjoys a good deal of new features, including scheduled data publishing, native content editing experience with RTL languages like Arabic, enhanced password policy options, image resizing options in Razor, hooking into ASP.NET Full Page Caching key generation and more. More information, read their official release page. is The Best and Cheap  Composite C1 4.3 Hosting Provider

We should say that has fulfilled all of the best and Cheap Composite C1 4.3 hosting requirements. is Award Winning Hosting Company providing the full range of Superior hosting services including Shared, Dedicated and Reseller Windows hosting at affordable prices. However, people who have just heard about this company may want to know why it shines. To figure it out, our editors worked out this review from 5 aspects, namely pricing, feature, reliability, performance, and technical support.

Screenshot 2015-10-02 15.24.51 – Composite C1 4.3 Hosting Pricing has released best and Cheap Composite C1 4.3 hosting packages with affordable price. In general, the 4 packages are priced at €3.00/mo, €5.50/mo, €8.00/mo and $11.00/mo respectively. Let’s see the details in the table below.

Billing CycleClassicBudgetEconomyBusiness
3 months plan


1 year plan€4.50/Mo€7.50/Mo€11.00/Mo€14.50/Mo
3 years plan€3.00/Mo€5.50/Mo€8.00/Mo€11.00/Mo

What’s more, this company promises 30-days money back to make sure customers enjoy a risk-free and worry-free purchase. That means, if you are not satisfied with the services, you can cancel your account in first 30 days and get your money back. – Composite C1 4.3 Hosting Features

Each package is integrated rich features also, all of best and cheap Composite C1 4.3 hosting packages provide unlimited domain, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. Taking the middle level, Budget as an example, this plan comes with  500 MB email space, unlimited disk space, data transfer, and 2 MSSQL Space. To make it clear, we drew the following table of their best and cheap Composite C1 4.3 hosting features:

Billing CycleClassicBudgetEconomyBusiness


Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly Data TransferUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Windows Server 2012 R2
Latest IIS
Email Space200 MB500 MB1000 MB1000 MB
Control PanelPleskPleskPleskPlesk
Full Trust Allowed
SQL Server 2012/2014

From this table we can see that not only the latest Microsoft technologies, but also the Plesk Control Panel is integrated in these packages. Therefore, webmasters can manage their sites with much ease and convenience. – Composite C1 4.3 Hosting Reliability & Performance locates its servers in 9 excellent data centers in Europe, Asia and USA. All of them are SAS 70 Type II authenticated and equipped with fully redundant power supply. Therefore, the ventilation, servers, heating and air conditioning can keep working all day long. Besides, the backup generators are always ready to offer power supply in case the data centers fail suddenly. With all these good facilities, this company is able to offer 99.99% hosting uptime. They also provide DNS Failover service to keep your website 100% uptime.

Most site owners care a lot about loading speed because long waiting time means loss of a large number of visitors. In order to eliminate the concerns of the customers, does a lot of hard work. For example, they utilize multi-layer network to shorten the path between websites and visitors, ensuring visitors can access the hosted sites at a rapid speed. Additionally, each of their data centers is equipped with 100+ Dell servers with RAID 5, SSD, 32 GB memory, and 24 CPU cores. – Composite C1 4.3 Hosting Technical Support

After reading dozens of real customer reviews, we learned that is doing what it has promised. Its technical support team works around the clock and is always ready to offer instant assistance to customers no matter it is about pre-sales consulting or a technical issue. Moreover, live chat, email and ticket system are all available 24×7. Moreover, gives webmasters the chance to improve technical skills by themselves because there are plentiful answers to frequently asked questions and tutorials in their well-developed knowledgebase.


Based on the points we discussed above, it is easy to get the conclusion that is the best and cheapComposite C1 4.3 hosting provider because of its rich features, affordable prices, excellent performance and responsive technical support. Therefore, we recommend its services to webmasters and professionals who are looking for best and cheap Composite C1 4.3 hosting company, especially for those planning to create a business site.