Top 3 Cheap Zikula 1.4.0 Hosting Providers

Best Cheap Zikula 1.4.0 Hosting | Has anyone familiar with Zikula? If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all platform, Zikula might be worth considering. Zikula is a Web Application Toolkit that has content management capabilities built-in, it allows you to run impressive websites and build powerful online applications. With Zikula you can build almost any kind of websites. It can be used as a simple weblog or as a high end e-commerce business portal. And the most interesting thing is you can enjoy Zikula without any charge, because Zikula is an open source application framework. Zikula is written in PHP and requires a MySQL database. If you’re not sure which company can be the best web hosting service provider for Zikula 1.4.0 application, this is the correct page you’ve visited. Here, we’d like to recommend several web hosting companies who have the best cheap Zikula 1.4.0 Hosting in the market for you to check.

About Zikula 1.4.0

Zikula Core 1.4.0 is intended as a transition release between the very popular 1.3.x series and Zikula Core 2.0.0. While maintaining nearly 100% backward-compatibility, 1.4.0 lays the foundations of Symfony, Doctrine, Bootstrap, Font-Awesome, jQuery and Twig which will be the basis of future development. A new namespaced module structure is established that will be the new standard for 2.0.0 extensions as well as providing many new tools and features to make your site exceptional.

Zikula 1.4.0 has Symfony at it’s foundation, which includes Doctrine. Symfony is an Open Source distributed PHP framework. A framework helps you work better (structuring developments) and faster (reusing generic modules).
Twitter BootStrap + Font Awesome
Zikula 1.4.0 integrates Twitter’s Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome 4. Bootstrap is a “sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.” Font Awesome adds amazing iconic graphics.
Zikula 1.4.0 utilizes jQuery for exciting web user-interfaces and effects. jQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler.

Who is The Best Cheap Zikula 1.4.0 Hosting?

Because Zikula is one of the most popular applications used today, many hosting provider have worked hard on implementing Zikula-friendly settings and software which get the best performance out of Zikula website. After reviewed 100+ shared Zikula 1.4.0 hosts, we had come out a list of reputed choices for the best cheap Zikula 1.4.0 hosting based on its compatibility, loading speed, reliability, technical support and price.

We don’t recommend you going with a host for the lowest price. Instead, “Cheap” shall be understood as the a cost effective Zikula 1.4.0 hosting, considering the balance among its compatibility, features, speed, reliability, technical support and price. To choose the best cheap Zikula 1.4.0 hosting, we recommend you going with the following list of top 3 best cheap Zikula 1.4.0 hosting options:

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  • Hostforlife
  • $4.52 /month
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Unlimited Disk Spaces
  • 100 MB Email Spaces
  • Latest PHP Version
  • Latest MySQL Version
  • DiscountServ
  • $7.00 /month
  • Unlimited Sites
  • 2 GB Disk Spaces
  • 500 MB Email Spaces
  • Latest PHP Version
  • Latest MySQL Version
  • ASPHostPort
  • $5.00/month
  • Unlimited Sites
  • 5 GB Disk Spaces
  • 200 MB Email Spaces
  • Latest PHP Version
  • Latest MySQL Version

Why are They The Best Cheap Zikula 1.4.0 Hosting?

In fact, we have reviewed more than 100 shared web hosting providers whose price starts from $4/mo to $15/mo for the past 2 years. Although most web hosts offers features that fully meet the minimum requirements of running Zikula 1.4.0, only a few of them have done really good job. Finally, we have choose, and as the best cheap Zikula 1.4.0 hosting provider. Due to the best cheap Zikula 1.4.0 hosting review, all of these 3 providers fully meet the following checking points:

  • Advance knowledge of Zikula 1.4.0 hosting for 5+ years.
  • Their server are optimized specifically and compatible to run Zikula 1.4.0.
  • Committed 99.9% Zikula 1.4.0 hosting uptime.
  • Zikula 1.4.0 loading times less than 2 seconds averagely.
  • No complaint on the web about the Zikula 1.4.0 hosting loading speed & reliability.
  • 24×7  technical support with holding times that average less than 1 minute.

By going with these top 3 best cheap Zikula 1.4.0 hosting, your purchase is risk-free, worry-free and totally guaranteed.