Choose These Providers For Best Cheap nopCommerce 3.60 Hosting

Best Cheap nopCommerce 3.60 Hosting | Are you planning to start your new online business? Or do you want to improve the performance of your online business with the best e-commerce solution? In this day, there are so many e-commerce CMS platform. nopCommerce is one of the best open source ASP.NET e-commerce CMS platform. This application has managed to steal the attention of online businesses because it’s easy to install and this application has a very fast setup. On June 15th 2015, nopCommerce has released its new version, nopCommerce 3.60. It is great to see the growing nopCommerce community and how fast this e-commerce solution is becoming mature. In this following review, we’re gonna help you to choose the best cheap nopCommerce 3.60 hosting. So please pay attention to see how nopCommerce 3.60 hosting builds upon an already great system and makes nopCommerce even more functional and fit for more and more e-commerce businesses.

Best Cheap nopCommerce 3.60 Hosting

nopCommerce 3.60 Hosting Requirements

nopCommerce 3.60 is another great release from nopCommerce. There are so many new features in nopCommerce 3.60 that it is really hard for us to mention all of them in a single blog post. For more information, you can visit this page. Since nopCommerce is an e-commerce solution that is ASP.NET (MVC) based with a MSSQL 2008 (or higher) backend database, many ASP.NET hosting provider try to support nopCommerce 3.60 hosting. So what kinds of hosting would be good candidates for the best cheap nopCommerce 3.60 hosting?

  • Support ASP.NET 4 and above
  • Have minimum ASP.NET MVC 5 installed and fully support the framework
  • Compatible with the latest Windows Server 2008/2012 and IIS 7
  • Support MSSQL 2008 or higher
  • Excellent technical support
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Affordable price and support rich features
  • Friendly-use control panel

Top 3 Best Cheap nopCommerce 3.60 Hosting Providers, and UKWindowsHostASP.NET are proven to be the top 3 best cheap nopCommerce 3.60 hosting providers among plentiful providers in the field. We highly recommend customers going with them based on the price, product features, costumer support, performance and reliability. – Best Cheap nopCommerce 3.60 Hosting is one of the most stable, reliable and fast hosting providers in Europe which offers variety of hosting product and service. With a rich hosting experience, it develops so fast that now its services and products are popular in over 100 countries. In addition for what mentioned above, its technical support is also extraordinary. The company offers contact channels as much as they can, so that customers can seek help via live chat, email, as well as knowledge base. And all these channels enable clients to get solutions within the shortest possible time.

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Their all nopCommerce 3.60 hosting plans include unlimited disk storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, and unlimited subdomains. Additionally, the latest MSSQL databases is also offered for database site development. offers affordable hosting plans. They have four best cheap nopCommerce 3.60 hosting plans which are priced at €3.00/month, €5.50/month, €8.00/month and €11.00/month. If you are familiar with the pricing level of professional ASP.NET shared hosting plan, you may know how great these prices are! also revolutionized hosting with Plesk Control Panel, a Web-based interface that provides customers with 24×7 access to their server and site configuration tools. As for customer services, it offers 24/7 technical support via email, ticket and live chat. – Best Cheap nopCommerce 3.60 Hosting  

As a rewarded ASP.NET hosting provider in Australia, offers 3 main packages of nopCommerce 3.60 hosting with affordable prices: Economy $7.00/month aims to fulfill your common need for a website. Professional and Business respectively charging $14.00/month and $21.00/month are suitable for you to manage a larger and more complex website.

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Their nopCommerce 3.60 hosting packages include the latest version of ASP.NET, classic ASP, unlimited hosting domains, huge amount of bandwidth and disk space, PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.5, SQL 2008/2012/2014 and some web application installer. As for billing, they offer 3 options, namely 3-months billing, 1-year billing and 3-year billing. Moreover, the packages enable you to accept domain transfers and use international domains. For the control panel, includes Plesk control panel. This company supported by dual quad-core Dell branded servers is able to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime and fast the response time which is 317ms.

 UKWindowsHostASP.NET – Best Cheap nopCommerce 3.60 Hosting  

UK WindowsHostASP.NET is particularly professional in supplying excellent Windows hosting, and of course, nopCommerce 3.60 hosting is included. It masters the most advanced ASP.NET technologies and equips every hosting solution with its advanced technologies. Security, reliability, and performance are at the core of their hosting operations to ensure each site and/or application hosted on their servers is highly secured and performs at optimum level. There is no doubt that UKWindowsHostASP.NET is an excellent choice for nopCommerce 3.60 hosting demanders.
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UKWindowsHostASP.NET is very stable, which is guaranteed by its hosting specialists, the use of technologies and robust facilities. They  have own-built data centers and powerful servers which are close to its offices and enables its staffs to deal any unpredictable and emergent issues timely. Affordable price is another reason we list UKWindowsHostASP.NET as one of the best and affordable nopCommerce 3.60 hosting provider. They provides three hosting plans, which are priced at £4.00/month, £7.00/month and £14.00/month respectively. Considering its features and performance, we think these prices are quite competitive. The three plans include the maximum amount of disk space and monthly data transfer, unlimited domain, multiple MySQL5 and MSSQL 2012 or above. In the same time, they give you access to IIS 7/8, ASP.NET 2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5/5.0 and many more.