Who Has The Best Cheap WordPress 4.3 Hosting?

Best Cheap WordPress 4.3 Hosting | Who doesn’t know WordPress? Yup, WordPress has long been the king of blogging platform field. WordPress is a popular CMS that is a favorite among bloggers. For websites heavy in blog content, WordPress is the ultimate blogging platform. It is easy to install and use and highly customizable according to your own unique needs. Also, it offers a variety of plugins that can enhance any blog or website and aid in making your website more dynamic, without actually having to go in and modify your HTML by hand. Nowadays, WordPress powers more than 24% of the web (will be rised everyday) and widely used among online marketers.


On August 2015, WordPress launched its second major release called WordPress 4.3. New features in WordPress 4.3 make it even easier to format your content and customize your site. Due to its popularity, there’s so many hosting providers who claim that they can support the best cheap WordPress 4.3 hosting. Before choosing one, the hosting features should be carefully examined and compared to other programs. An excellent choice is usually one that has good support, rich features, affordable price (cheap especially), and many users. The following hosting provider has the best cheap WordPress 4.3 hosting worth trying.

WordPress 4.3 Features and Enhancements

WordPress 4.3 includes improvements to existing features and brand new features for developers. Here are several improvements and new features that we can highlight:

  • All shared terms will be split on upgrade to WordPress 4.3 as part of the overall taxonomy roadmap.
  • PHP 4-style constructors have been deprecated, in preparation for the upcoming PHP 7 release.
  • Comments are now turned off on new pages, by default.
  • Singular.php is a new theme template that can be used for any singular post, of any post type.
  • A number of editor changes and enhancements have occurred this cycle, including an update to word/character counts.
  • With the new site icon feature, filters have been added for custom site icon sizes as well as new Customizer controls.
  • Speaking of the Customizer, changes were made to panels and sections and fast preview was enabled for menus in the Customizer.
  • Header tags were updated through the admin screens, such that <h1> is now the default instead of <h2> for improved accessibility.
  • Quite a few multisite changes occurred in this cycle, including the addition of get_main_network_id().
  • Passwords in WordPress 4.3 are strong by default.
  • get_transient() is now more strict in WordPress 4.3.
  • The old Distraction Free Writing (DFW) code has been removed.
  • The code that powered the old theme preview has been removed.
  • List tables have both API and UI changes, with the introduction of a primary column concept and easier subclassing.

Who is The Best Cheap WordPress 4.3 Hosting Provider?

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With so many hosting companies to choose from, it can be difficult to start your search for a host who provide the best cheap WordPress 4.3 hosting. To choose the best cheap WordPress 4.3 hosting for yourself, we recommend you going with HostForLIFE.eu. You won’t go wrong with their best and cheap WordPress 4.3 hosting service that they have been fully tested by so many developers.

Visit: http://hostforlife.eu/

HostForLIFE.eu WordPress 4.3 Hosting Review






Best Cheap WordPress 4.3 Hosting Provider

Pricing Plan & Features

Over the past 5 years, HostForLIFE.eu has been offering a wide range of products including shared and dedicated server hosting to serve all kinds of personal or business demands for costumer in Europe, which gives WordPress users full freedom to choose any one they need. In the product line, the shared hosting service should be enough for most personal blog owners.

HostForLIFE.eu offers you two kinds of web hosting, Windows hosting and Linux hosting. You can choose between these two servers to run your WordPress 4.3. Because of WordPress is written in PHP scripting language, WordPress 4.3 runs better in Linux hosting environment. The Linux shared classic hosting package has an attractive price, only starts from €2.00/month regularly. What make the package even more affordable are the extras accessible for every customer, including unlimited domain, unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. In addition to these free ones, the classic also comes with the following competitive features.

  • unlimited domain
  • unlimited raid 10 storage, monthly data transfer
  • 1-click installation for WordPress 4.3
  • phyton, php 5, mysql 5 & shared ssl
  • 99.9% uptime, no hidden fees & 30 days full refund guarantee

Uptime & Speed

HostForLIFE.eu utilizes multiple data centers in 5 popular countries in Europe and US, they equips all of them with complete data center power redundancy to keep servers working without power disruption. Besides, the N+1 generator architecture ensures that customers' websites remain online even in the event of a power outage because the diesel backup generator will work automatically to prevent the situation from affecting the hosted websites.

Does HostForLIFE.eu really give 99.99% uptime? The answer is yes. HostForLIFE.eu hosting servers are capable enough to make your website 99.99% available. They have established a world-class infrastructure making it possible to guarantee such a high uptime percentage. Upgrades and maintenance downtime are acceptable and do not impact the uptime guarantee.

WordPress 4.3 Hosting Compatibility & Installation

As the system requirements for the current stable release of WordPress 4.3 is Apache or Windows server (As we said above, WordPress 4.3 can run well in both server) MySQL server 5.0 or higher and PHP 5.0 or higher, HostForlife.eu offers the latest stable versions of PHP, Linux or IIS servers (you can choose between this two because HostForLIFE.eu provide a hosting based on this two choices) and MySQL to guarantee the 100% compatibility with the software.

To install the software, users can login to the control panel and use the auto installers to complete the process in minutes. Just follow the few steps, and all things are managed by the tool.

Technical Support

For best cheap WordPress 4.3 hosting, HostForLIFE.eu offers 24x7 European and US based technical support powered by hundreds of professionals with high professionalism in resolving issues about both the application and hosting. Customers are allowed to reach the support team via contact form and email ticket system.

In the online support center, they can submit a support ticket, read the monthly customer satisfaction surveys, or visit the knowledgebase to search for articles related to WordPress 4.3 hosting and another supported hosting type. In addition, they also give you a complete tutorial to help you solve your hosting problems and issues.