Most Common Mistakes That Bloggers Often Do (Avoid This!)

After you have chose the right web hosting and domain name, you surely started to make SEO and content writing, together with the design and the programming of the website, but simple bloggers without experience always make big blogging mistakes that they should avoid because it will mess the SEO and also the user friendly design. In this article, we have listed top 9 most common mistakes that bloggers often do, just try to avoid it!


Top 9 Most Common Mistakes That Bloggers Often Do

1. Put Images In The Right Part Of The Article (Don’t)
When you write content or even when you design your blog, you should avoid putting images in the right part of the blog, because visitors always read from left to right and not from right to left, excepting the Arabian people. If you want to attract people with important information you should put images only in the left part of your blog and also you can create a left sidebar for additional information and pictures.

2. Write Multiple Short Lines (Don’t)
To write only one or a couple of words on each line, just because you don’t know how to align or write your texts in a proper way. For visitors to read just a few words and then to move to another line, repeating this process over and over will be frustrating and even annoying.

Some WordPress themes and plugins create a bugged short description to articles or other types of posts, automatically writing only one word on a line, also when you put an image on a post and you align it right or left, if you write text near that image only a couple of words will be displayed on each lines depending on the length of the words.

3. Use Short Article Titles (Don’t)
If you want a lot of quality content, visitors, commenters and revenue, you should use long, suggestive and beautiful titles and the length of the title should be longer than 5 words but shorter than 10 words for example if you write an article about Facebook Ads you should use this group of keywords in your title. In a short version the title needs to include the heart of the article and in the article, you need to write interesting and original facts. Using proper titles will also help you to improve your search engine optimization process and to automatically increase the number of visitors much more.

4. Forget To Use Featured Images (Don’t)
Some themes let you upload and use a featured image that is automatically placed on different position within the design of the theme and article. Don’t forget to use a proper and suggestive image, also, because a picture is worth a thousand words and can attract people to read more, especially if you tease them with the long title and the special image of the article using also the more button if it is the case.

5. Your Mind is Too Crowded (Don’t)
In the case that you have been contracted to make a job regarding a blog such as writing content, you should avoid a headache trying to code a good theme or other things that you should not do. Suggestions are always welcomed, but some blog owners won’t like them too much, a better idea is to keep them to yourself if you are not asked. Try to focus on your job and maximize your profits showing how good and professional are you at the given job.

6. Forget Linking To Article Categories (Don’t)
You should use a good hierarchical system for your articles so people can read exactly what they want, by sorting and filtering the articles by categories, date, authors, and tags. Creating a search form can help you to improve the friendliness of your website and also having one or multiple menus with sub-menus and maybe some sort of animation can attract even more readers. and the self-hosted blogs created with WordPress offer this feature in each theme you want and also there are additional plugins which can help you boost your menus even more making possible for you to put links, videos or images in the menu or by customizing their design and position depending on your taste.

7. Forget To Use Social Media (Don’t)
A very useful tool to make your blog even more popular is to use social media networks that can really boost your own confidence, revenues, readers, comments and even your feedbacks and brand. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Diggit, Reddit and other medias are wide open for you and there are also available additional tools such as twitterfeed which lets you to automatically post on them articles from your blog or plugins that can put on your blog share buttons to any existing social media.

Additionally, you can expand your blog by creating even more content on social media profiles, pages, and accounts using unique apps by creating contests and votes so people get more attracted to your blog.

8. Don’t Translate The Blog
If you are creating a blog in a foreign language, you should know that there are only a few themes and plugins fully translated into other languages than English and even the WordPress core, for example, has similar problem. You might fully understand what is on your blog, but your audience might not be able to comment, because the comment form is not translated.

There are some plugins that can automatically translate the front-end in multiple languages, however, they use Google Translate that isn’t so accurate and some elements of backend from dashboard can remain in English especially when you install themes and plugins that have an administration area.

9. Work Alone (Don’t)
Even if you need a team, you should not take in your team any person, just to have a team, even if they are volunteers. Try to use a system to filter the applicants and to choose only the best of them. Choosing the wrong team member can harm your blog because they can write stupid things or edit in wrong ways the content of your blog so you should not trust anyone.

In the end, if you follow the advices from this article you sure will manage to create a proper blog for your readers, you just need logics and to ask yourself how you react if you were the reader of your blog. If you are just starting out and you need a reliable web hosting for your blog, we highly recommend This hosting company is great for starting your own professional blog fast and easy.