vs BigRock – Best & Cheap Europe ASP.NET Hosting Comparison and BigRock are two of the leading companies in the hosting industry, both having been favored by millions of people in the world. They offer limitless possibilities for each hosting package and provide various options. In this article, we highlight their ASP.NET hosting services and make an in-depth comparison between those two excellent web hosts.

This comparison focuses on the price, performance, ASP.NET related features and the most important technical support, which provides readers with a new angle on and BigRock and helps them charge which one is the better choice. Before making the next move, let’s have an overview on those two companies.


Technical Support42.5

The Similarities of and BigRock

  • and BigRock are good when it comes to the ease of use of their hosting plans, the Windows technologies, service reliability, and several other aspects. Currently, they both offer the following things.
  • Advanced control panel – has developed a control panel which comes with advanced functionality and great ease of use. BigRock , instead, utilizes the popular Plesk. Both control panels make it quite easy to manage websites.
  • Great Windows features – The two companies provide Windows Server 2008/2012, MSSQL Server 2012/2014/2016, ASP.NET Core 1.0, and ASP.NET 4.6/4.5.2/4.0/3.5/2.0. These features are great for both the normal users and developers.
  • 1-click script installation – Both companies offer a script installer to guarantee easy installation of the popular .NET and PHP applications.
  • 30-day refund – Buying a package from either company, you are able to cancel it and request a refund at any time within the first 30 days.
  • 99.9% uptime – The two web hosts offer such a guarantee, and they can get it covered. This excellence attributes to their utilization of uninterrupted power, redundant network, and the personnel invested in server optimization and monitoring. vs BigRock – Price & Feature

Are you planning to have ASP.NET website for your small business or just for personal use? The good news is that there is now low cost ASP.NET hosting available for you and there are many packages you can choose from. Moreover, you can start by spending only a few dollars per month.

Likewise, even if you choose the cheapest ASP.NET hosting package, you still get more than what you ask for because there are additional features that you can use. When making a decision on choosing a cheap ASP.NET hosting service, you should spent time doing research and compare ASP.NET hosting plans and ASP.NEThosting providers.

To make easy your duty in choosing best ASP.NET hosting plan that suit with your budget, the following are the hosting plan of and BigRock that you can compare.

Disk Space10 GBUnlimited
MSSQL DBsUnlimited1
Email Accounts200Unlimited
Control PanelPleskPlesk
1-Click InstallerYesYes
Refund30 Days30 Days
Regular Price$2.59/mo€3.00/mo

BigRock offers 4 Windows hosting plans, and the most appealing part is the cheap price for the entry-level Essential plan. As is introduced, Essential is priced from $1.59/mo only, which is unbelievably cheap for Windows hosting.

However, you have to notice that $1.59/mo only applies to the 10-year term which is too long for most people. If you choose the normal 2-year or 1-year term, the cost becomes $2.69/mo and $2.89/mo.

The 2-year subscription of the other plans cost $5.99/mo, $9.69/mo, and $12.19/mo respectively. releases four plans called Classic, Budget, Economy and Business at the prices of €3.00/month, €5.50/month, €8.00/month and €11.00/month if you choose annual payment method. Three billing cycles with different prices are available in best ASP.NET hosting package. You can choose between 3-months, 1-year and 3-years payment methods. VS BigRock : Performance

Both of BigRock and guarantee 99.9% uptime for all the Windows hosting users. To achieve such a high percentage of uptime, the two web hosts:

  • Use Dell servers with sufficient RAM and RAID 10 disk storage.
  • Monitor servers at all times to prevent sudden issues.
  • Use secure data centers with firewall protection, UPS power and backup generators.

Therefore, the uptime monitoring of BigRock and has been quite satisfying. Their uptime can reach 99.9% successfully.

The Windows hosting service offered by has been not only reliable, but also fast. Due to the high-performance servers as well as the fast networks, the page loading speed has been satisfying for most personal and small business sites. The server responses monitored by us are quicker than most of its competitors.


Because of the use of multiple data centers, advanced switching and expert monitoring, BigRock is also good in speed, but its performance is not excellent. The monitored server responses of this company average over 600ms. vs BigRock –Technical Support

BigRock provides more communication channels than, but this doesn’t mean it offers better technical support. On the contrary, has been doing much better in this aspect.

  • BigRock offers live chat, but live chat is only used for sales inquiries.
  • has a larger knowledgebase which includes hundreds of professional written tutorials for Windows hosting related issues.
  • replies tickets quickly, usually within an hour. The slow responses of BigRock, however, have irritated many of its customers.
  • A lot of people have complained that some of BigRock support agents lack professional knowledge about Windows hosting.

Conclusion Win!

Both of BigRock and are reliable, and they offer different plans at good prices. However, we will recommend more without hesitation because technical support and the hosting speed are of great importance for everyone no matter the hosted site deals with selling or not.

At the end, we think that is much better than BigRock. The detailed reasons are clearly shown on the above features, pricing, performance and supports comparison. With more advanced features and greater performance, is definitely the better choice for Europe ASP.NET hosting users.