Best Cheap WordPress Hosting In India

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting in India | Who doesn’t know WordPress? Yup, WordPress has long been the king of blogging platform field. WordPress is a popular CMS that is a favorite among bloggers. For websites heavy in blog content, WordPress is the ultimate blogging platform. It is easy to install and use and highly customizable according to your own unique needs. Nowadays, WordPress powers more than 24% of the web (will be rised everyday) and widely used among online marketers in many countries including India. Due to its popularity, there’s so many hosting providers who claim that they can support the best cheap WordPress hosting in India. The following hosting provider has the best cheap WordPress hosting in India which is worth trying.

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting in India

What Makes Best Cheap WordPress Hosting In India?

Here are the minimum requirements to choose the best cheap WordPress hosting in India:

System RequirementsServer UptimeLoad SpeedPriceServer LocationSupport
With no restrictions or special requirements, WordPress can be installed on on any environment that supports PHP 5.0 and MySQL, which includes Linux, Solaris, BSD, and Microsoft Windows environments.
This is the most important key factor, Uptime is the amount of time that a server has stayed up and running online, sure you certainly want your WordPress hosting to stay online 24/24 so that you will not miss any order.
With a fast load speed hosting, your customers will have better user-experience, they can check more products, read more pages on your sites and of course, they are likely to buy more products.
Price is always a big concern, it’s just really great if you can find WordPress hosting plan with affordable price (remember you also can upgrade hosting plan whenever you want when your website grows big enough)
This is mostly for SEO purpose, if you target customers in India for example, then go ahead with a WordPress hosting provider in India. If you are targeting UK customers, then make sure that your WordPress server is hosted in UK, this will benefit your site’s ranking in Search engine as your site are running under an IP from targeted country.
It’s also important that the hosting provider can provide reliable support for all web hosting related problems and for any WordPress issues as well. Make sure that they can deal with the simple hosting-related WordPress issues first (not all complicated issues).

Who is The Best Cheap WordPress Hosting in India?

Based on our review from some crucial web hosting aspects including price, features, reliability, speed and tech support, meets the all of above requirements. They are highly recommended by our editors. provides high quality affordable India’s web hosting services for personal and companies of all sizes. They have set up headquarter offices in India to provide the best cheap WordPress hosting service and support to customers in India. has devoted itself to reliable and fast hosting services in India at an affordable price, and it is believed that they will remain committed to high performance to gain better satisfaction from customers. Pricing and Features prices its best cheap WordPress hosting in India starting at INR 200/month, INR 400/month, and INR 660/month for 36/12/3 months subscription regularly. They supports nearly all the latest cutting-edge PHP-based technologies. Here are the detailed plans:

Per month
Unlimited Domain
3 GB Disk Space
30 GB Bandwidth
Unlimited Subdomain
200 MB MSSQL Space/DB
200 MB MySQL Space/DB
Unlimited Email Accounts
200 MB Email Space
Per month
Unlimited Domain
10 GB Disk Space
50 GB Bandwidth
Unlimited Subdomain
500 MB MSSQL Space/DB
500 MB MySQL Space/DB
Unlimited Email Accounts
500 MB Email Space
Per month
Unlimited Domain
50 GB Disk Space
100 GB Bandwidth
Unlimited Subdomain
1000 MB MSSQL Space/DB
1000 MB MySQL Space/DB
Unlimited Email Accounts
1000 MB Email Space

Not only that, provides customers with a 30-day money back guarantee, which allows customers to get the most risk-free and worry-free purchase. After all, if they direct their cancellation requests within the initial 30 days, they can get all of their money back. Performance and Reliability offers one of the fastest hosting services in India. They only use the best servers in hosting industry. Now, they own and operate three data centers strategically located in Mumbai (India), London (UK) and Washington D.C.(US). The servers are placed on the data centers with world-class facilities, ensuring highest performance and reliability. Also, they provide 24×7 server monitoring service from the centralized network operation center. They work tirelessly and around the clock to make sure that your sites stay up, stay fast, and stay supported with the latest WordPress hosting technology. What’s more, also guarantees 99.9% uptime for their professional WordPress hosting in India and actually implements the guarantee in practice. Technical Support

For best cheap WordPress hosting in India, offers 24×7 India based technical support powered by hundreds of professionals with high professionalism in resolving issues about both the application and hosting. Customers are allowed to reach the support team via email ticket system and contact form. Scripts Compatibility

This web host achieves a 100% compatibility for all the popular scripts including WordPress which is offering the following features.

  • The latest stable versions of Linux – Apache or IIS servers (you can choose between this two because provide a hosting based on this two choices)
  • PHP 5.3.x and MySQL 5.0 to fully support different scripts
  • PHP runs as suPHP to ensure the most secure hosting environment

Moreover, offers 1-click script installer, with which even a newbie who only has the most basic computer knowledge can install and run the software without any hassle. To install WordPress, users can login to the control panel and use the auto installers to complete the process in minutes. Just follow the few steps, and all things are managed by the tool.