Web Performance Optimization – Top WordPress Cache Plugins To Speed Up Your Website

Best Cheap ASP.NET Hosting | Website speed is one of the most important elements that webmasters should always keep in mind. There are various methods adopted by people used to speed up their sites, among which web cache has been recognized as the most useful one. The working principle of web cache is to store the web files temporarily that visitors have loaded. When people access to your site again, they don’t need to download the content any more. The easiest way to make your website feature this powerful function is to install a cache plugin, which makes a contribution to reduce bandwidth usage, loading time, and server load. Here, we have listed the top WordPress cache plugins to speed up your website, all of which are outstanding enough to make a big difference in your website.

Top WordPress Cache Plugins

#1. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is the one and only WordPress Performance Optimization framework used to speed up your website. It is also the most popular cache plugin in this field and has won a good reputation among users. Some hosting providers including HostForLIFE.eu, ASPHostPortal and GoDaddy recommend this powerful plugin.

W3 Total Cache Plugin
Integrated with transparent content delivery network, this plugin can improve the file transfer speed obviously. Besides, it ensures the reliability during the file transfer process. This powerful plugin increases the server performance effectively and makes certain a perfect uptime. It is made for people who have a high demand on their site speed.

#2. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache produces HTML static files from users’ dynamic blog and eases the burden of server. Accordingly, it saves a large among of page loading time, making sure that every user can enjoy a fast and reliable experience. This plugin is able to cache files in three different ways, including mod_rewrite, PHP and Legacy caching, which makes WP Super Cache flexible and provides users more possibilities.

WP Super Cache Plugin

#3. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is regarded as the simplest and fastest WP cache system in the industry. In most cases, once many visitors download your web pages again and again, it should use a large amount of CPU and RAM, which directly causes site speed slow down. Here, this plugin can help you a lot by generating a static file as well as saving it. When visitors enter your website again, they don’t need to download the same content once more.

In addition, it features mod_rewrite to strengthen its performance. Once a post or page is published, the cache files can be deleted based on your own options. This plugin provides you with minify HTML used to optimize the size of a page while it offers the minify CSS to decrease the size of CSS files.

#4. Quick Cache

Just as the name suggests, Quick Cache aims to make your website faster and faster without any doubt, which is created for the webmasters who care a lot about the website speed. By taking a real-time snapshot of each page, category, post, link, and some other content, this plugin helps you save page loading time availably for all the snapshots are used as references and don’t need to be loaded again.

Quick Cache provides you with a mountain of maybes. It features well-documented and simple configuration, making it easy to install this powerful plugin. Besides, you can set a deadline of each cache file and delete the selected file automatically, which helps to save a lot of efforts.

#5. WP Widget Cache

This is a high-performance cache plugin designed for WordPress, which is also an addition for WP-Cache or WP Super Cache. It reduces the SQL queries of the databases so that the website speed is improved significantly. This item is especially suitable for the blog that undertakes an extremely high traffic and needs to rank higher on search engines. If this is your case, you do need WP Widget Cache.